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Fish Skinners

Dual Lane Skinner for Fish Fillets

DFS-4365 DFS-4365

The dual-lane skinner DFS 4365 has been designed for fully automatic skinning of fish fillets on two independently controlled skinning systems. Offering more flexibility to fish processors as two skinning styles can be performed at the same time, the machine capacity is increased by 50 % (approx. 1,5 tons of salmon fillets / h).

Models: DFS 4365, DFS 4365/A, DFS 4365/P, DFS 4365/PA

Salmon Skinning Machine

ESB-4434 ESB-4434

The conveyorized skinning machines of the ESB 4434/2 range are best suitable for skinning of fresh and smoked salmon fillets.

Models: ESB 4434/2, ESB 4434/2P, ESB 4434/2A, ESB 4434/2PA

Compact table skinning machine

TEM-200 TEM-200

Compact and space-saving table machine (option: mobile subframe), for the smooth skinning of fine fishes, like pollan, herring, trout or sole, without damaging the silver skin. With water spray device for the continuous cleaning of the tooth roller and for rincing away the skin waste.

Model: TEM 200

Manual skinner for fine-skinned fish

Easy2 Easy2

For skinning of fish fillets with fine and very thin skin. The integrated water-spray device can be switched on or off - according to the individual requirements of the product to be skinned.

Model: EASY/2

Manual skinner for strong-skinned fish

FIM-437 FIM-437

Universal machine for removing strong, fresh and smoked fish skins, like codfish, plaice, sole and herring. Hygienic technology by the MAJAsystem of skinning - scraping - cleaning! The integrated water spray device can be switched on or off.

Model: FIM 437

Manual skinner for strong-skinned fish

ESM-435 ESM-435

For the perfect manual skinning of fish species with thick skin, also for removing the silver skin from smoked salmon fillet. The integrated waterspray device can be switched on or off according to the special requirements of the product to be skinned.

Model: ESM 435/2

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