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Poultry Skinners

Manual Poultry Skinner

EVM-437 EVM-437

Manual poultry skinning machine, ideal for turkey wings with bones and chicken carcass without wings and legs

Model: EVM 437G

Automatic Poultry Skinning Machine

EVM-4434 EVM-4434

Conveyorized poultry skinning machine for the gentle processing of poultry parts, such as:

The poultry skinning machine type ESB 4434/1 GH is recommended for poultry parts from wet refrigeration.

For all parts from dry refrigeration, we recommend to use the machine type ESB 4434/1 GV, especially if the skin (inner membranes) must stay intact for further processing.

Models: ESB 44434/1 GH, ESB 4434/1 GV

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