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Thermoforming Machines

Thermoforming Machines Thermoforming Machines

Sipromac Inc. line of thermoforming machines is available in various models. The single frame of these machines is designed for heavy duty industrial needs and today’s sanitation, made of stainless steel, fully automatic, IP65 construction with the newest technology. Sipromac thermoforming machines offer high speed, precision and accuracy, simple and reliable. Each machine will be customized to the customer needs using different dies, films and options, to get the perfect product.

Models: TM-150, TM-250 & TM-540

Thermoforming machines TM-150 TM-250 TM-540
Web widths 320 mm / 420 mm 420 mm / 560 mm Up to 560 mm
Maximum cut-off length 340 mm 500 mm 620 mm
Maximum forming depth 150 mm 150 mm 150 mm

Standard Features

Optional Features

All specifications are subject to change without notice.

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