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North America’s #1 Dealer in Sales & Service for Siebeck Tying Machines

North America’s #1 Dealer in Sales & Service for Siebeck Tying Machines

About Us

QMS International Inc. traces its roots back to 1993 when it began providing service and technology solutions for the food processing market in North America. QMS International supplies all types of Food Processing Equipment from cutters and dicers to tyers and vacuum sealers and everything in between. The sourcing and supply of machines is backed up by commitments to a service and support relationship: parts, repairs, new and refurbished equipment to meet any customer need.

In 1993 Quality Mechanical Service Inc. was founded by Clifford Hemming as a Service Company focused on the Food Processing industry in Ontario.  In 1995, Cliff discovered the Siebeck tying machine, a tremendous advance in food tying technology.

By 1999, QMS International Inc. was founded with the Siebeck tyer at its core.

QMS Service Vehicle - Meat and Poultry Tying Experts

QMS International is led by Clifford Hemming, President and CEO.  Cliff brings decades of experience in manufacturing, advertising, and engineering.  Cliff began his professional life as a graphic designer and quickly got bored of the routine, so he decided to switch to the complex, challenging, and more interesting world of industrial engineering. He immediately saw the potential and game-changing technology of the Siebeck tying machine.

Cliff's vision for QMS was to focus solely on the Siebeck tyer and to provide parts, expert service, and the highest quality twine for its operation.  With machines in virtually every major plant and small operation in North America, QMS is well on the road to achieving that goal.